Outrigger Program


The 2018 season will start off with our 8th Annual Spring Training Camp in Maui, HI. Outrigger paddlers have the opportunity to experience the true sport of outrigger, complete with ocean paddling, voyaging, and learning about the culture. Our intent is always to bring this experience home and share with all the Club paddlers.

We have a full line up of races to attend (check out the race schedule) through the season including Penticton, Vancouver, Kelowna and Gibsons for the National Championships.

The 2018 IVF World Sprint Championships will be held in Papette, Tahiti in mid July. We have 7 paddlers as well as Lynda and Kristine (Team Canada manager guru’s) attending. The CCC has some of the fastest ‘older guys’ in the World so we are excited to see what they can do against the top paddlers in the world.
We hope to wrap up the season with a few races back in Hawaii in the fall, because you can never get enough ocean paddling experience when your home base is the Glenmore reservoir.

As usual we intend to keep developing our novice program. The best place to start is a Wednesday evening intro session with our coaches and experienced paddlers. We continue to encourage new paddlers to attend the races with us, racing a shorter distance or even with experienced paddlers if you already have a good fitness base and are up for a challenge.

First year outrigger program: $295 (membership included)

Regular Outrigger program: General membership fee + $160.

In addition, an annual fee of $25 paid to CORA, the National governing body, is required for any paddler attending a CORA race.

We encourage new members to participate at the Recreation OC6 sessions on Wednesday evenings and Saturday morning to learn the basic skills in the 6 man boat. Once you are comfortable in the OC6 you may move onto the 1 and 2 person outrigger canoes. An orientation session from Lynda or a volunteer coach is required. Once you sign up we will email regular updates on training sessions and all program activities to keep you updated.