Outrigger Program

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting season for the outrigger program. We have purchased two new OC6 high performance canoes. These canoes are ultralight Vortex hulls weighing 180 lbs, as opposed to the regular spec weight of 400lbs for racing. Yes, they are fragile and experienced paddlers must get some training prior to use.

In addition to our regular events such as the spring training camp in Maui and attending a number of CORA races throughout the season we are also running a training camp at the Gorge (Stevenson, Washington) July 10-14th prior to the Gorge OC6 races on July 15th. This event is for experienced paddlers as the river conditions can be pretty big (and exciting).

Also, Calgary will host the Team Canada Selection Trials for the 2018 IVF World Sprints on September 30-October 1. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Sprinting. If you do not intend to race, please offer to volunteer to help us out. It will be a fun weekend.

As usual we intend to keep developing our novice program. The best place to start is a Wednesday evening intro session with our coaches and experienced paddlers. We want to continue to encourage new paddlers to attend the races with us, in a complete novice crew, racing a shorter distance or even with experienced paddlers if you already have a good fitness base and are up for a challenge.

Fee Structure

First year outrigger program: $295 (membership included)

Regular Outrigger program: General membership fee + $160.

In addition, an annual fee of $25 paid to CORA, the National governing body, is required for any paddler attending a CORA race.

We encourage new members to participate at the Recreation OC6 sessions on Wednesday evenings and Saturday morning to learn the basic skills in the 6 man boat. Once you are comfortable in the OC6 you may move onto the 1 and 2 person outrigger canoes. An orientation session from Lynda or a volunteer coach is required. Once you sign up we will email regular updates on training sessions and all program activities to keep you updated.

Practice Times

May through September

Once you join the program we will send out weekly email updates to confirm practices and other information. The general outline is as follows.

Boat priority will go to;

  • Newcomer and Visitors OC6: join us Wednesdays, meet for 6:15pm at panabode.
  • Recreation: Wednesdays 6:30pm, Saturdays 10:30am (or 8:30 for a group paddle)
  • Competitive: Women: Monday 6:30pm Men: Thursday 6:30pm co-ed/mixed: Tuesday 6:30pm. Saturday 8:30am – all competitive paddlers.
  • Small Boats Training Group: Tuesday 6:00am (weather permitting)
    • Objective is to train 2x week in big boats with crews similar in skill level and age category.
    • See weekly schedule template for boat priority, all others first come
    • Experienced paddlers are encouraged to join us Wednesdays to paddle with newcomers and help coach, seat priority goes to newcomers
    • All paddlers must be experienced or have permission to use small boats. You must be knowledgeable of; rigging, carrying technique, huli process, boat care. Please see Lynda for orientation and permission if you are new to the program.
Race Schedule

See the race schedule posted in the panabode for a list of races we plan to attend, as well as the sign up procedure. We will set crews for the races based on the sign up numbers and specific event.

The crews will be set by the coaching team and may require a time control for seat selection in some situations.

Team race selection Guide

Participatory Races

  • Must be flexible for everyone to participate.
  • There will be a sign up sheet for anyone who wishes to participate in a participatory race. A subcommittee will determine crews (mixed crews if possible) that are equally balanced. Each person in these crews is expected to train for these races.
  • People who are not high performers will get first priority in an OC6 if there is insufficient space in the boats. Those who are performance paddlers may be asked to race in OC1 and OC2, in order to make room in the OC6 for a less experienced paddlers.

Competitive Races

Selection criteria for women’s and men’s competitive races are as follows:

  • A two times tour de buoy distance (6.4 km) will be used as a time trial. All women/men wanting to race must do a time trial as part of the selection process (including steers people).
  • The top 5 times will be in the first boat plus the top steers person.
  • A team captain for that race will be chosen from this crew.
  • The next top 5 paddlers and steers person will fill a second boat.
  • A ladder will be established and people can do time trials as many times as they want before the selection deadline. In order for a time trial to count, another person from the club must be present to time the person. There will also be organized times when groups will do their time trial to encourage best performance.
  • For Gibson’s the selection deadline is 6 weeks prior to the race, which means May 28/29 weekend and for Jericho nationals, it will be only 4 weeks prior because of the time between races.
  • If selected for a crew, all paddlers must commit to paddling 2x/week in an OC6 with their crew. One of these times will most likely be on a Tues/Thurs evening, but of course this depends on the schedules of the crew members.
  • Alternates may exist for each crew and have first priority for small boats at races if they are not paddling on the OC6 team in these competitive races.
  • Years of experience are not a determining factor to be part of the competitive team.
  • Set crews may be formed by any group of paddlers. Boat priority will go to the men’s and women’s competitive, and novice, crews. Mixed teams may be formed with a set crew or if the male/ female ratio dictates with signed up paddlers.

Novice competitive

  • Selection for novice competitive races is based mainly on sign up.
  • Enthusiasm and willingness to learn are greatly appreciated.
  • Once selected, paddlers must commit to paddling 2x/week in an OC6 with their crew. One of these times will most likely be on Monday and Wednesday evenings, but of course this depends on the schedules of the crew members.
  • One tour de buoy distance (3.2 km) will be used as a time trial as a last resort.

Small Boats (OC1, OC2’s)

  • Priority goes to designated alternate paddlers for competitive races.
  • To race in a small boat at any of the races, one must sign up by a deadline, which will be no less then 2 weeks before the race. Boats will be first come, first serve, unless there are more paddlers signed up then boats available. In this case, we will defer to time trials.

Team and Boat Selection for Marathon

Training Program

Boats will be varied for organized practice but two weeks before a race, the crew racing will get first priority for preferred boats.
Training Program and Racing

Boats will be varied for organized practice but two weeks before a race, if a person wishes to have a particular boat for racing. Boats will be assigned on a first come basis.


Those who are participating in the training program will get first priority to the boats. Any boat that is not taken by training participants two weeks prior will become available to others.