Intro to ParaCanoe

Dates: Saturday June 17, 24, July 8, 15.
Time: 9 -11 am
Cost: $75, includes all necessary equipment.

Still not sure? Come out June 17th for a try out session.

What is Paracanoe?

Paracanoe is the sport of paddling for people with physical disabilities. This includes athletes with mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness, and Cerebral Palsy among others. Paddlers are ‘classified’ according their level of disability and compete against those in the similar classification.

There are two main disciplines to canoe, the outrigger canoe and the sprint kayak.

Para athletes may participate in sport at many different levels starting with a fun introduction at a recreation level and progressing to the International level with the IVF World Sprints, held every two years and the Paralympic Games, which follow the Summer Olympic Games every 4 years.

There are currently 28 sports in the Paralympic Program, including paracanoe, which makes it’s debut at the 2016 Games in Rio, Brazil.

Paddlers will compete in the 200m sprint kayak discipline.

The discipline of canoe (or va’a) is also a discipline of paracanoe. Currently the canoe is raced international at the IVF World Sprint Championships.

It is expected that the canoe discipline will be added to the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Trinity Tratch, 17, excels at two high level sports: giant slalom and sprint kayaking. A double leg amputee from birth, has dreams of competing in the Paralympics or the main Olympics in either of his sports, kayak and skiing.

What We Offer

We are into the second full year of our Paracanoe program, which has been generously supported by a joint funding program on behalf of Sport Canada and the Alberta Sport Support Program.

Our purpose is to create awareness of the program and recruit paddlers, both youth and adult, to experience the sport of paddling. If this is something you feel you may enjoy and are keen to pursue we welcome you to join the Club and train with our current paddlers in the canoe/kayak disciplines.

Getting Started

Contact us via email if you are interested in learning more or setting up a time to come visit us and experience paddling. We feel the outrigger canoe is a great place to start as it is a large and stable boat (6 or 12 person).

We can discuss your disability and plan on how best we could adapt both equipment and technique to get you out paddling.

We are also offering a scheduled program geared towards youth (12-18 years of age). Participants will begin in the outrigger canoe with the goal of getting into the racing kayaks through the sessions.

Kyle Riva, an adult para-paddler, para-cyclist and beard grower/enthusiast, competed in Outrigger Worlds 2016 in Australia. Kyle uses a custom designed double bladed canoe paddle for his one man outrigger canoe.

Where we’re at with our para program and paddlers

The club currently has 5 Paracanoe paddlers training on a regular basis in addition to other groups and individuals trying it out.

Trinity is a double leg amputee 17 year old male who participates in the sprint kayak. Trinity competed at the National Championships in 2016 and finished 2nd overall in the Paracanoe category earning a spot on the National Paracanoe Team.

Trinity was featured in Calgary Herald in February: Rising athlete on podium with help of War Amps program.

Kyle and Ali are adult participants and compete in the sport of outrigger canoe.

Kyle is a triple amputee from birth while Ali has a lower leg prosthetic resulting from a horse fall accident.

Although relatively new to the sport both Kyle and Ali have already competed at a number of outrigger races, competing against able body participants in team events with their fellow outrigger team members.

At the 2016 IVF World Sprint Championships Alison won a Gold Medal in the 500m V1 event. This was Canada’s first ever medal in the paracanoe events.