Updated as of February 9, 2017. Please stay tuned as we will update this page leading up to the event.

Upcoming timelines

April 15, 2017 Team Selection criteria will be posted on the CORA website
April 15, 2017 Intent to compete sign up will be posted on the CORA website

General Information

Canada is allocated the following entries for the 2018 Elite and Club World Sprints:
Note updated dates of Competition: July 16-26, 2018

  • Elite Competition: 1 entry in each of the following categories: V12 500m, V6 500m & 1500m in U19 & Open, both genders. These events will be raced the first 2 days of competition. V1 – 3 entries in each age and gender category, additional entries are awarded based on medals won at previous Worlds. The V1 events are considered elite and raced throughout the entire competition.
  • Club Competition: 6 entries for V6 in each age and gender category, 3 for V12.

Calgary Time Trials September 30-October 1, 2017

Saturday events will be geared towards OC1 and V1 time trials.
OC1 trials will determine the top paddlers eligible for the elite crews as well as Canada crew boats (to be clarified). Additional information will be provided based on predetermined Club crew entries and creating regional V6 crews with the intent of improved training opportunities. We strongly encourage you to form Club crews to compete at the Worlds event.

Sunday events will focus on V6 races. All Club crews are expected to attend. This will allow for seeding and the race prep opportunity. Club crew paddlers do not need to 100% set at this point.
Sunday races will include Club V6 crews registered, V6 crews set up based on trial results from Saturday, and additional fun races for all paddlers in both straight and turn races.

* Races in Unlimited canoes. The Tahitian cockpit style of va’a will be used for the 2018 Worlds. We will add races in our unlimited canoes providing paddlers an opportunity to race in these boats and have some fun.

Entry fee: TBD based on paddler registration and event costs, this event will be supported by CORA and hence expect a low cost. Although this is a great opportunity to try out sprint racing we are encouraging only those that intend to compete in Tahiti to participate in the singles events on Saturday. Sunday provides an opportunity for V6 race experience and some fun.

*All paddlers competing must have a valid CORA membership.

Accommodation and other travel information to be added.

In the meantime, please check out the additional resources;

Race Rules for sprints: Please note the rules are currently under review and we may make some minor changes. I will update the current rules as soon as they are available.

2018 World Sprints website: June 27-July 4, 2018

COVID Update, May 19, 2020: The Glenmore Reservoir remains closed. We will provide further updates as the situation changes. The Glenmore Canoe & Rowing Clubhouse remain closed until the City of Calgary Recreation Facility ban is lifted. We anticipate we will offer only limited outdoor programming for the season due to the building closure this season. See the City’s page on the status of the Glenmore Reservor