Meeting Minutes December

  • Information about Zoom meetings and other information provided in the monthly newsletter. Zoom links will not be put onto the website to be able to keep it private and just between sprint members.
  • Zoom Yoga link will be sent out on the newsletters and is always shared between athlete groups. This is the weekly Zoom Yoga session provided by Emily on Wednesdays between 5-6PM. 

Fitness Activities COVID
  • Masks are worn inside, low-impact training is done. 
  • Lots of running
  • Swimming is cancelled for the time-being
  • Our changes follow the guidelines set out by AHS.
  • Workout spaces are set out by a booking system; used primarily as a coaching tool to make sure spaces are not overbooked.
  • Major information can be found on the CCC website: other updates that pertain to athletes are provided on WhatsApp. This dedicated space allows for athletes to feel empowered and able to look at their own training plans.
  • Reducing mixing of different groups; creating mini-cohorts within cohorts.
  • Lynda is in regular contact with our City liaison regarding programming in our building as well attending regular AHS Town Hall meetings to ensure that we are following protocol
Outdoor Activity COVID
  • Changing running routine to help reduce the number of people meeting in the same place; running groups to arrive at staggered times and locations. 
  • Smaller running groups of 2-3 and keeping distance from other running groups.
  • running etiquette; providing space to other public users in the park. 

Upcoming Season
  • Spring Training Camp #1, BC: 3 weeks, booked some accommodations in Victoria in March to get on the water as a province.
  • unsure if camp is moving forward or not.
  • This camp is designed for those looking to attend National Team Trials in June.
  • At this stage, we do not have any indication on whether we can carry through. It is on a wait-and-see status.
  • Spring Training Camp #2, BC: Follow up camp in April.
  • This camp would be open to a greater variety of paddlers (15 and up), more of Developmental camp.
  • A preparation camp for athletes who might be eligible to go to future Spring Training camps.
  • We are hopeful later season events will be a go, but we are aware that things are constantly changing. We are training in the event that they will be happening.
  • Our first competition here would potentially be the first week of June or last week of May. AB Team Ranking event. 

Fundraising Group
  • Club has high needs for newer equipment as our current equipment will be needing replacement.
  • We want to have a balanced program between kayak and canoe but are lacking in canoe equipment.
  • This will be a multi-year project; anyone who might be interested in sitting on a Fundraising group to accomplish this can email us.
  • Fundraising groups will also be in charge of initiatives to help fund team travel, events, etc.
  • Though we are a lower-cost sport as far as training goes (time training vs. paid) Athletes 14 and up start participating more and more in opportunities and cost does go up.
  • Usually around age 15 and older, paddlers who are invested in the sport are looking for their own equipment (paddles, boats). The club boats they need are not available as basic equipment is provided to the general members of the club, not the high performance athletes. 
Running Lights
  • It is getting dark very early. We would like athletes to show up wearing a headlamp on their body for the runs.
  • It is important in any year but especially this year where there are others on the path, you can’t necessarily see others on the path until you are too close to them.
  • Being able to see others well in advance creates a safer environment for everybody. We have just ordered 15 lights, please ask your coach to reserve one for you to purchase if needed. Cost is $7. (details to pay, etransfer or shopify?)
Coach Emails
  • If your athletes are working with a certain coach, their emails are on the website. i.e. - 
  • (Mike, Ornmadee, Graham and Robin)
  • Lynda -
General CKC Safesport 
  • Defer to CKC website for current policy and information: Safe Sport | Canoe Kayak Canada
  • We are involved with discussions and webinars with CKC on developing the Safe Sport Policy.
  • The CCC has the appropriate policies in place related to Safe Sport. We will add further information in an upcoming newsletter.