Meeting Minutes January

Fitness Activities COVID

  • We have a week to look over guidelines and to implement to get back into the building. It will take time for us. Newsletter will be sent out and website will be changed to reflect training times for indoor use. 


  • Thank you for filling out the survey about the Sprint Program 2020 the responses have been compiled and will be sent to the CCC board. 

Refunds or winter sessions missed

  • All athletes that were swimming have been notified that they can join yoga on wednesdays and have been invited to join saturday runs. This will be brought to the board to see if refunds/credits will be issued for the coming season. 

Upcoming Season

  • National Team Trials (NTT) and Natiionals are still a go ahead, this may change at any moment
  • Local events are on hold as well


  • Will be open soon, very similar to last year
  • We may have to cap our programs this year due to this activity being very popular especially with COVID, we will give all aheads up ahead of time. If you are the type of person that leaves things last minute this may not be the year. 

Safe Sport Policy

  • All Senior coaches have taken this course and the board will be updating their policies to reflect this. 


  • The CCC is in the business not only of coaching athletes but developing coaches 
  • New Developing coaches that want to get certified
  • ELCC - there are 4 prereq's. Please notify Mike if you wish to take coaching courses (will be added the website shortly)
  • All 2020 staff have been notified of T4 being mailed to them as well as they well as that they will be in touch to join the 2021 season. 
  • We will post on website when we will start hiring for the 2021 season

Paddler pathway

  • Mike shared a document to the parents on the meeting addressing any questions or suggestions on gaps in the pathway diagram (will be added to the website shortly)

Upcoming newsletter soon