Calgary Canoe Club Building is Closed

Meeting Minutes October

Fitness Activities COVID (WINTER season)
    • Smaller groups inside in the winter
    • U of c screening mandatory
    • Saturday mornings for older groups instead of running, xc skiing, one offs to the Nordic centre, or to another area. Try to avoid car pooling, not able to use club vans
    • Once a month nutrition seminar
    • Mental health professional consultant restart with ASRCA,  first session for fall is next Saturday.

ASRCA Fall/Spring Camps

  • Not able to do Fort Langley camp in November 
  • Spring camp looking at BC, gorge, Victoria.
  • Feb 27-match 20 all athletes that plan to go to national team trials
  • Home for 2 weeks then off to 2-3 weeks last of April in Penticton area. Open to 14+ 

2021 Season

  • Competitions as normal as possible
  • Nationals are in Ottawa
  • Canada games postponed a year
  • Older athletes spring camp with ASRCA, identifying event in May, training squad for Canada cup, race at Regina, back for prairie divisional, nationals 
  • We will draft the 2021 season with 3 tiers of competitions
  • crew boats
  • We are booking hotels for next year for competitions with good cancellations policies
Winter program 
  • Renovated the sprint bay into a cross fit gym.
  • Doubling coaching efforts to have smaller groups
  • All staff have responsibilities to clean before and after.
  • Indoor weight room for heavy lifting is individualized for older athletes
  • 16 and under no worries on heavy lifting
  • Cold days- what’sapp is good for "remember to wear your toques or headlamps"
  • direct parent communication via email or website. 
  • Important notices will go on website.
  • We will be doing by a monthly fitness assessment. Athlete group meeting will follow.
  • Monthly meeting backs with parents. Probably zoom.