Calgary Canoe Club Building is Closed

Sprint Update: Program Adjustment

Sunday night swim is canceled for the 2 weeks. Coaches will work with the athletes to makeup the missed 90min of training.

Friday, brought new guidelines and restrictions to mitigate the Covid-19 risk in the city. 

We have made adjustments over two weeks to replace Sunday Night swim sessions during a pool closure at the University of Calgary. 

Click HERE to see adjustments to each age group and precautions to mitigate risks within our team.

CCC staff and athletes continue to adjust well in uncertain times, with no cases of covid reported in the winter sprint program. Paddlers who 'may' have been exposed or have someone in their home who may be exposed should remain isolated until cleared.

Following consultation with our City liaison, activities continue. However, inside sessions are limited to low-intensity training. Masks must be worn at all times while inside. 

Providing a safe environment for our paddlers and staff is paramount.

We are in this together, even while apart.

Besides practices and policies already in action, activities within the clubhouse will require greater physical distancing and mask-wearing at all times and for all activities.
Do not attend if, in the past 14 days, they had exposure to a person with a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19.  If unsure, isolate and get tested, do not attend if unsure.

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** Our team takes pride in creating a friendly, supportive and. competitive culture. Thanks to all athletes and parents and volunteers for the effort this takes, it is worth it **

Questions and Info:
Parents – Basic info and announcements are posted on the CCC web page.
Paddlers – WhatsApp groups for specifics from coaches and for paddlers to support each other.

Sprint Program Contacts: