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Autumn is a beautiful time for paddlers on the reservoir. Fall training is a time to build on the skills introduced in the summer months and prepare the foundation for the next season. We are not accepting any NEW PADDLERS for the fall season. 

Generally, the focus of fall training is skill development and aerobic conditioning. However, fall activities will be primarily on-water but will incorporate running, calisthenics and other activities appropriate to the athletes’ stage of development. Athletes should attend each session prepared for a mix of on-water and on-land activities.

The Calgary Canoe Club program follows a long-term athlete development model with practice sessions increasing each year, with age. The below table outlines the fall schedule for each age group. Age groups are in line with the 2021 competitive season.

Fall Sprint Team Fees by Age Group:

  • Born in: 2009-2010 $250 (includes membership + program)
  • Born in: 2007-2008 $300 (includes membership + program)
  • Born in: 2005-2006 $350 (includes membership + program)
  • Before: 2005 $350 (includes membership + program)

Discount Code for all paddlers that have previously paid the full-time program: your personal discount code is first 3 letters of the paddlers first name then first two letter of last name plus CCC. For example, Robin Smith Discount code is : RobSmCCC

Weather in the Fall is iffy: If the temperature reaches 5 degrees and wet (rain, sleet, snow) there will be no practice. Please contact your coach. 

For information regarding the year round sprint training click here.


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