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CKC Champs - 2021

More info posted soon. Talk to your coach to see if this is for you.



In 2021, only singles (K1 or C1) will be held at the Canadian Championships. Prior to entering any singles event in a U16 or above age category, talk to your coach regarding whether you plan on accepting an entry to Nationals. From the Prairie Division, 5 entries will be nominated for each event at the Canadian Championships. This is the same for other divisions across Canada (Pacific, Prairie, Western Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic).

A general information meeting for the National Championships - Monday, August 3rd, at 6pm for parents and athletes who might consider going to the National Championships. Logistics and fees will be reviewed so participants can make informed decisions and plans.

Accepting Nominations to the Canadian Championships: Following the Divisional Championships, we will need to accept or decline our nominations. Therefore, coaches will not have much time to discuss whether you are attending Nationals after the regatta. Please talk to your coach to ensure they are clear on your decision in advance or be ready once results are seen.

More info at CanoeKayak Canada site: