That's a wrap. Thanks to everyone that paddled this season. See you in May !


Complete the forms listed under your membership or program to finalize your registration. 

Learn 2 Paddle
  1. Medical Release & Waiver
  2. Are you ready for L2P?
  3. Camper satisfaction survey
Intro to Sprint Team or Sprint Team
  1. Medical Release Form  
  2. Membership Form and Waiver here (if you signed up for a program longer than 2 weeks this need to be filled out and paid for as well)
  3. Intro 2 Sprint Satisfaction Survey
Outrigger program 
  1. Membership Form and Waiver. 
  2. Outrigger Boat Care
  3. Outrigger Manual
Recreational Membership 
  1. Membership Form and Waiver. 
  2. READ: 2021 Recreation Information
  3. Guest Waiver Form and Waiver