NTT2 - Montreal (June 24-27)

Key Dates:

  • May 21 – By this date please submit expression of interest to attend
  • Sat Jun 11 – Info meeting at CCC (11AM)
  • Jun 18 - Boats delivered to Saskatchewan
  • Jun 22 - Fly to Montreal
  • Jun 23 - Preparation Training-day
  • Jun 24-27 - Fri-Mon Racing
  • Jun 28 - Sightseeing Montreal
  • Jun 29 - Train to Ottawa (Joining Team AB for Canada Cup)

About National Team Trials (NTT):

Like our Provincial Trials, Canoe Kayak Canada holds annual events to rank and assess paddlers and select top athletes for Canada Teams. The NTT competition uses the International Canoe Federation Rules, with a minimum competition age of 15. NTT, along with the Canadian Club Champs, represents the best quality domestic racing in our sports system. Some paddlers hope to earn the chance to represent Canada; Selection Criteria - HERE. Most competitors simply want the opportunity to line up next to others their age from teams across the country.

Is this event for you?
Express your desire to participate by completing the form here. Coaches will review the submissions for consideration. You will be contacted by a coach to discuss if this event is a good fit.

NTT is not for all ability levels, and the decision to endorse the athletes is left to the coach. Speak to your coach. In some cases, the coach may feel the athlete is not yet ready or perhaps NTT is the right next step. It may simply be natural place to meet your competition as part of your regular performance development pathway. Most paddlers in age group finals at the Canadian Championships will also be at the NTT.

Athlete Supervision:
The coaches will have charge of the group while at the event. Coaches appreciate any parents who may be on-site and willing to assist from time to time or run errands, but we expect the team to be able to function independently and responsibly. All athletes must behave appropriately and represent themselves, the Canoe Club and Alberta well. Calgary paddlers will be held to a very high standard and display the highest degree of sportsmanship.

Due to overbooking we have modified the hotel plans. 

Meals in Montreal
Athletes are responsible for meals. Grocery stores and restaurants are plentiful and within walking distance from the hotel.

Competition Site
The event will be at the Olympic Basin on parc Jean-Drapeau and a quick Metro ride to the City Centre and the hotel. The racecourse and facility are a legacy of the 1976 Olympic Games and have hosted many Canadian Championships and international events. The site is home to a Canoe Kayak Canadas Team Training Centre. Click here for more about the venue.

Transportation in Montreal
Included below is the route between the hotel and the competition site. The trip to the course involves a short walk to the nearest metro station and a short metro ride to the park.

Your Equipment:
We will be partnering with Saskatchewan to put boats on their trailer. Graham and Lynda will depart early to drive boats to Regina on Friday June 17th. Boats must be loaded by Thursday night in Calgary.

Note: Boat Insurance is the responsibility of the owner. If your personal boat goes on this trip and it is damaged. The Calgary Canoe Club and its partners are not responsible for costs to replace or repair damaged.

Athlete Travel (Flights)
Where possible, it is recommended team members communicate their flights so they can fly together and share a taxi or Uber to the hotel. Remember hotel check-in is 3 PM. PLEASE do not assume anything; check with your coach before booking. If unsure, get the cancellation insurance. 

Note: Athletes selected for Team AB will be racing in Ottawa July 1-2. Team AB will arrange travel in and out of Ottawa. Team AB will be selected June 4th from Alberta Team Trials.

By registering for this event, you agree to the following:

  • Team members will respect teammates, coaches and facility personnel at all times.
  • Paddlers must make the beds and ensure the entire living space is clean and organized. All paddlers are expected in their beds by 10:00 PM each night. Alcohol and performance do not mix.
  • Damage to the premises or improper use of equipment leading to damage is the user's responsibility, and restitution will be required.
  • Team expectations are the responsibility of the coaches. Enforcement may include being sent home at personal expense and restriction from future CCC team events — costs due to flight changes etc., are the athlete's responsibility.

I acknowledge having read and agreed to the conduct regulations. Also, I release and forever discharge the Calgary Canoe Club and affiliated association and persons from all claims, demands, actions or causes of actions arising from or because I participated in the event. In addition, no claims or demands whatsoever in law or equity that my heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns can, shall or may have against the organizations above against my liabilities incurred by one of them.

By registering, I certify that I understand I am responsible for out-of-province medical and personal boat insurance. I am fully aware of the dangers associated with air and passenger travel and the risks of water sports.

Shared Event Fee:
The CCC Team uses an equal share, user-pay model to establish competition participation fees, including team entry fees, equipment transportation and coaching. Athletes will share the remaining costs where grants or external funding is secured.

* No Charge Items:

  • Boats are going east for Canada Cup with Team AB - no charge to athletes
  • Coaches are flying for Canada Cup with Team AB - no charge to athletes.

Athlete fees:

  • $250 Entry Fee (Paid to CKC with registration)
  • $315.44 coaches fee per athlete - hotel, meals, transit etc.
  • $681.78 for each of 9 athletes
  • estimated $50 Train fair to Ottawa from Montreal
  • estimated $50 shared taxi from the airport
  • Team AB CSG athletes gong to Canada Cup in Ottawa should send receipt of the Alberta to Montreal flight to for a flight subsidy.

By registering for this event you acknowledge you have read and accept the information above represents the best effort to provide accurate information. It is possible modifications may be needed.  Parents will be updated if substantive alterations occur.

Register HERE