Outrigger 2022

Outrigger Program 2022

Registration is now open.

All Outrigger members pay an Outrigger membership fee and an additional Program fee for access to crew boats (OC6 and V12) or access to crew boats and small boats (V1, OC1, OC2). Items are both found in the 'Outrigger payment' section once you register.
Note: If you have kids in the sprint program or wish to use recreation equipment as part of your membership contact us so we understand the membership is shared.

Paddlers must have previous paddling experience to use small boats. We will run clinics for paddlers with big boat experience that want to start using small boats.

We will continue to use the OC booking app to sign up for all big boat sessions and small boat reservations. We will offer coach lead sessions during the week for OC6. Practices will vary a bit based on events. Currently Mon, Wed evenings 6:15pm and Sat am 8:45am for the Recreation technique and workout sessions. A training program will be provided for paddlers to follow.

Email Lynda: calgarycanoeclubinfo@gmail.com if you have big boat experience and want to start using small boats prior to registering for access to small boats.

For a very thorough overview of Outrigger you can review the 'Outrigger Manual'. 

Intro to Outrigger sessions in 2022
New paddlers are welcome to try outrigger paddling with our 'Intro to OC' sessions. Paddlers have the opportunity to attend any two sessions (Wednesday evening or Saturday morning) in a big boat with some experienced paddlers blended in the crew.

Sorry, this program is now on hold as we are busy getting ready for Worlds and many of the coaches are away.

Program fees:
Intro to OC (2 sessions): $40 (open now until July 9th)
OC Crew boats access: $120
OC Crew & Small Boat access: $180
Private boat storage (by permission only): $125 year

A membership is required to participate in Outrigger Programs. There are individual and family memberships available. Outrigger Membership and Outrigger program fee options are found on the payment page once you fill in the registration.

Personal Boat Storage
All private boat owners MUST have permission to store their boat at the Club and be members. Click on the Boat Storage icon to add to your cart.

Race Participation
Once you have joined the program we will offer all paddlers the opportunity to participate at a few CORA races we have identified, in addition to all Club organized trials and FUN races. Once we have the sign up we will do our best to accommodate all paddlers in crews. This is not always possible so time trials may be organized for crew selection. Crew selection will vary on the event. High performance events such as Nationals will focus on gender and age division and /or wishes of the paddlers participating. 

The basic principal is to allow all paddlers an opportunity to participate while balancing the wishes of those that would like to create a set crew. 

CORA Membership
All paddlers participating in any CORA sanctioned event, including the Team Canada Sprint Trials, must purchase a CORA membership; Become a Member - Canadian Outrigger Racing Association (CORA)

 Please fill in the registration at the same time you are ready to pay.


Registration now open, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER, you will be directed to a fillable form then to payment.