2021 Canadian Sprint Championships

2021 Canadian Sprint Championships

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We are sending a big thank you to ASRCA and the CCC for helping the athletes join their peers from across Canada at the National Sprint Championships in Ottawa.

CCC is sending a team of 12 paddlers who have qualified and been accepted to compete at the 2021 Championships. 

Key Dates


  • Monday Aug 09 - Final entries submitted to CKC
  • Friday Aug 13 - Athlete payment due
  • Saturday Aug 14 - Trailer loading
  • Sunday Aug 15 - Mike & Orn depart with trailer
  • Wednesday Aug 18 -Deadline for CKC athlete forms (see below)
  • Monday Aug 23 - Racing Begins (Race Schedule here)
  • Sunday Aug 29 - Final Day of Racing
  • Monday Aug 30 - Mike & graham depart Ottawa with trailer
  • Thursday Sep 02 - ETA Trailer back in Calgary

Who Attends the Canadian Championships:


Each season club teams from across the country converge on a single location to test their skills and stamina against the best the Country has to offer.  In 2021 the event will be held on Moneys Bay at the Rideau Canoe Club.

In each of the six Canadian Divisions (Atlantic, Quebec, Eastern Ontario, Western Ontario, Prairie and Pacific) qualification regattas have been held to determine the entries that will represent their Club and Division.  If a division(s) does not fill all of its aloted entries these “extra” entries are given to other Divisions on a random basis. When a Division receives a ‘random lane’ the next ranked athlete in the division is notified that they have received entry. This is what we refer to when we say we may receive a random lane in a given event.

Upwards of 1200 athletes may attend in a typical year.

In the Prairie Division, entries to the Canadian Championships were decided based on the results of the Prairie Division Championships held in Regina. Following the qualifier event participating clubs were asked if they wish to accept the entries which they qualified. Based on the level of performance and in consultation with the athletes (and parents), the appropriateness of the competition is determined.

For more information about the regatta and the competition schedule/results check out the CKC page at: https://canoekayak.ca/canadian-canoe-kayak-championships/

Note: Modified CKC rules for 2021 Championships


Athletes MUST complete these forms for CKC by August 18th.

Hotel in Ottawa

While in Ottawa the CCC Team will be staying at the Ramada by Wyndham Ottawa On The Rideau. The hotel is located on the shore of the Rideau Canal and has been selected to allow paddlers to train when not at the competition site. - Click here to view hotel web page


Meals while away

Athletes are responsible for meals while in Ottawa.  Grocery stores are within walking distance and the team van will be there as well. Coaches can help coordinate if needed.  The hotels have modest kitchen equipment; small fridge and microwave but not cooking supplies, plates, forks etc... 


Your Equipment:

You know better than anyone what you will need for personal race equipment. Do not ASSUME that your equipment has been taken on the trailer. Pack it yourself!


Athlete Supervision:

The coaches will have charge of the group while at the event. Coaches appreciate any parents willing to assist from time to time or run errands if needed but we expect the team to be able to function independently and responsibly. All athletes are expected to behave in an appropriate manner and represent themselves, the Canoe Club and Alberta well. Calgary paddlers will be held to a very high standard and must display the highest degree of sportsmanship.


Athlete Travel (Flights)

Coaches have been recommending travel dates with the paddlers responsible to book their own flights. Where possible it is recommended team members communicate their flight bookings so others can get on the same flights. Coaches on site in advance will meet paddler as they arrive at the Ottawa Airport. 


CCC Coaches in Ottawa

o Mike Robinson, mike@calgarycanoeclub.com
o Ornmadee Baxter-Lovo, ornmadee@calgarycanoeclub.com
Graham Schiebel, graham@calgarycanoeclub.com

By registering for this event, you agree to the following:

Consideration for fellow athletes, roommates, coaches, managers and facility personnel will be shown at all times.

On getting up in the morning paddlers must make their bed and ensure the entire living space is clean and organized. This is a championship event and not a vacation, to ensure best performances, all paddlers are expected in their beds by 10:00 PM each night. Alcohol is not to be consumed by any athlete, coach or other person participating in the camp. Performance and alcohol do not go together regardless of age of majority. Alcohol consumption will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the camp.

Damage to the premises or improper use of equipment leading to damage is the responsibility of the user(s). Restitution for all damages will be required.

The enforcement of team expectations is the responsibility of the coaches. Enforcement may include being sent home at personal expense and/or restriction from future camps and team events. Costs due to change of flights etc. is the responsibility of athlete.

I hereby acknowledge having read and agreed to the conduct regulations. Also, I hereby release and forever discharge the Calgary Canoe Club and/or affiliated association and persons from all claims, demands, actions or causes of actions arising to or by reason of my participation in the 2021 Canadian Championships. In addition, no claims or demands whatsoever in law or in equity which my heirs, executors, administrators or assigns can, shall or may have against the aforesaid organizations against my liabilities incurred by one of any of them.

By registering, I certify that I understand I am responsible for out-of-province medical insurance and personal boat insurance. I am fully aware of the dangers associated with air and passenger van travel on-site as well as the dangers of water sports.

Shared 'Team' Fees

The CCC Team uses an equal share, user pay model to establish competition participation fees, including team entry fees, equipment transportation and coaching. Where subsidy, grant or other external funding can be secured the remainder will be shared among the competition team.
Shared 'Team' costs are:
  • $5996 Boat Transportation / 12 = $500 per athlete
  • $-4 = Boat Transportation cost after $4000 ASRCA grant + $2000 from CCC
  • $4709 Coaching Cost / 12 = 192.42 per athlete
  • $3209 Coaching Cost / 12 = 267.42 per athlete (after $1500 ASRCA grant)
  • $4000 Team Entry Fees / 12 = $333 per athlete

Total Shared  = (5996+4709+4000) = $14705/ 12 = $1225.42
Total Shared  = (-4+3209+4000) = $7205 / 12 = $600 (after ASRCA & CCC contributon)


Individualized fees

Where individual athlete plans do not impact the fees of others on the team, a portion of the fees may differ from athlete to athlete. Individual plans such as  the duration of hotel stay is an example of one such condition, with personal flight bookings another. The Hotel cost is $165 per night with 2 athlete sharing each room for a per athlete cost of  $82.50 per night in Ottawa.