L2P #2, 2022 (July 11-22)

L2P #2, 2022 (July 11-22)

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SOLD OUT, please choose another week or go to Sprint Intro


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    4. Welcome Letter for 2022, click here  

    Season Modifications:

    • NO PRE OR POST CARE AVAILABLE* The boat bays are open 8:30am to 8:30pm. In the event of a pick up delay staff can supervise paddlers if notified.
    • We are an outdoor based program hence programs may be cancelled for a day (or half day) in event of very cold temperatures and heavy rain days. We strive to give 24hrs notice* Make up days will be communicated to parents.
    • Crew boat activities may be limited if distancing requirements are in place.
    • We encourage all Paddlers to bring your own PFD (Transport Canada approved - click here for proper fitting) . The Club will provide PFD’s for those unable to purchase their own.
    • There are no programs on Friday, July 1 and Monday, August 1st.