Canoe Rentals

On reservoir canoe rentals for non-members are:

$35 for the day
$25 for a half day (after 3 p.m. or under 3 hours).
$15.00 for one hour

Price includes paddles and lifejackets.

Equipment: Our canoes are aluminum with 2 seats. You may take a 3rd person sitting in the middle-bottom of the canoe.
To prevent capsizing, ensure proper balance in the boat by distributing weight evenly.

Safety Notes: Yes – Canoes do tip over. If you are not prepared for this to happen you should not go out. Windy conditions are also a factor, making it easier to tip. All paddlers must be confident they can swim if the canoe does tip over.

  • Stay close to shore
  • Stay close to the Clubhouse in poor weather conditions
  • Please stay off the race course
  • Give right of way to all other vessels on the reservoir (SS Moyie paddleboat, Rowers, Dragon Boats, competitive canoes and kayaks)

Clothing suggestions: We suggest you wear clothing that is not restrictive in case you do get wet.

Please note: Rentals are first come first serve. No reservations are taken. With over 25 aluminum canoes we typically have plenty of boats. You can call ahead for those very warm, sunny weekend afternoons to check on availability if wanted. Also reservoir bylaw requires lifejackets to be worn at all times while on the Glenmore reservoir. An exception to the lifejacket bylaw are paddling competitions amongst seasoned athletes.

Kayak Rentals: Sorry, we do not rent kayaks to nonmembers.

If you have any questions please head to our FAQ’s page as it may be answered there.