Sprint Update

Providing a safe environment for our paddlers and staff is paramount. 
We are in this together, even while apart.

December 2nd - Sprint Update

November has ended, and so too has the First Month of winter training. This is a more significant accomplishment than most years; coaches and staff are working hard to mitigate risks and provide a controlled environment. No instances of covid transmission have occurred at the canoe club; maintaining this good status is our priority.

November ended with strength and fitness testing. Each month, testing will help paddlers set goals and stay motivated for the next month. We are happy to see positive training benefits across all disciplines. Attendance and consistent effort continue as the best predictor for improvement.  

Monday evening, coaches met and reviewed fitness testing results and attendance records. Besides reflecting on fitness results and skill development, coaches received feedback presented by the athletes. Athletes representing the four disciplines: 1) men canoe, 2) men kayak, 3) women canoe and 4) women kayak, each created a 3min video presentation and delivered it to the coaches. The athlete presentations included what went well, challenges they faced over the recent weeks and what they would like seemoving forward.  


We continue to adjust sessions to minimize contact amoung members. The primary role of the coaching staff is to ensure risk-mitigating policies are adhered to. 

A new online booking portal will be posted on the CCC Winter Sprint site in the next few days. With the guidance of coaches, the paddler will book appointments for equipment, training time and space. Booking availability has been created in a manner to maintain existing separation between age and discipline groups.

The goal of the new booking system is to:

  • Limit the people who can book a training space at one time; max capacity is set between 2 and 5 individuals in a given train space.
  • Provide adequate, supervision for paddlers to safely complete their individual training session.
  • Increase the ability to contact-trace.

Breathing Easy

Indoor activities are low intensity and performed at a level that easy breathing is possible. Masks are worn at all times and by all when inside. Staff is busy cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and indoor spaces.

Running Lights

With winter, darkness arrives earlier; we ask all participants to wear a headlamp or body mounted light.
Running numbers have been to 5 individuals. Runners are instructed to stay together for safety; while staying 2m apart. All athletes have been asked to give space to other runners and pedestrians on the path. They will be given a slightly different start time (ie. 4:00, 4:15, 4:30) and location to limit exposure. Specifics will be communicated to the athletes over the next days and posted by the end of the week.

Pool Cancelations

Swimming pool bookings have been cancelled until the new year. We will assess the situation in January. Additional training sessions are being added to make up for the missed swim training. These session offerings will be listed on the web page and part of the on-line booking system. 

U12 and Sunday night only participants are encouraged to join our team yoga session held on Zoom each Wednesday (5-6pm). This helps to replace the Sunday night swims that are canceled until the new year.  We encourage athletes to continue to take part in aerobic training on the running trails or engaging in other fun and fresh air activities. 


Zoom Yoga

Each Wednesday at 5:00-6:00 PM, Emily Raymond will lead our paddlers in a ‘Paddlers Yoga’ session and is open to all winter sprint participants. Emily is a former Canadian Team kayaker and yoga instructor. We are thankful to have Emily continue as a partner! Find out more about Emily here.


Strength advisor

In November, a small number of our senior women have been fortunate to receive strength training support from former CCC paddler Penny Jalkotzy. Penny represented Canada in C1 and C2 and now works as a professional-strength trainer. Welcome back to the team!


Sprint Director

We welcome Kara Stelfox as the new Sprint Director on the CCC board. Kara has completed her first board meeting and has already taken part in many hours of meetings to get up to speed. Kara is a professional Mental Skills Consultant and Exercise Physiologist. Kara is another former CCC kayak and war canoe athlete who has rejoined the team in this new role. Welcome back to Kara as well!  Find out more about Kara here 


Stay in the loop

Earlier in November, an in-person (yet distanced) parents meeting was held to discuss the program status and receive feedback.

The Next Sprint Program Q&A  will be by Zoom meeting:

Topics will include:

  • Covid Mitigation
  • Team Progress
  • 2021 Season Camps and Competitions
  • Lets create a Fundraising Committee
Besides practices and policies already in action, activities within the clubhouse will now require greater physical distancing and mask-wearing at all times and for all activities.
Do not attend if, in the past 14 days, they had exposure to a person with a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19.  If unsure, isolate and get tested, do not attend if unsure.


** Our team takes pride in creating a friendly, supportive and. competitive culture. Thanks to all athletes and parents and volunteers for the effort this takes, it is worth it **

Questions and Info:
Parents – Basic info and announcements are posted on the CCC web page.
Paddlers – WhatsApp groups for specifics from coaches and for paddlers to support each other.

Sprint Program Contacts: