Facility & Boats

The Glenmore Canoe & Rowing Clubhouse is a shared facility of the Calgary Canoe and Rowing Clubs.

The facility is comprised of a hall on the top level which is available to rent for weddings and other functions (more information on the 'Hall Rental' Page).

We have additional training facilities for full time competive members, this includes:

  • men and women's change rooms
  • indoor paddling/rowing tank
  • fitness studio: free weights, weight machines, and paddling ergs

Sorry, as these are small, specialized spaces they are not available to the general public for regular use.

We would like to thank the Government of Alberta for their ongoing support of our programs as we continue to provide paddling programs to all members of the community. A recent Community Initiatives Program grant helped us renovate a boat bay into a multi functional training space which we now use on a year round basis.

We have a number of different styles and types of boats based on disciplines. Available for rent to non-members are tin canoes, all other boats require a membership. No boats are available for use off the Glenmore reservoir.




Pyranha Kayak (recreational kayak)

Clipper Yukon's (recreational canoe)

Sprint/Canoe Kayaks

Photos coming soon


Outrigger canoes

Bradley's OC6


Vortex OC 6

V1’s, OC1’s, & OC2