What we offer & Who we are

Thanks for checking out the Calgary Canoe Club.

The sport of paddling includes a variety of disciplines and most of those disciplines (river, sea kayaking etc) can be found in the Calgary area. Over the years we have dabbled in some river tripping and river kayaking. We have narrowed our focus to do what we feel we do best and that is to focus the CCC programming on youth and adult competitive paddling programs here on the reservoir. This includes sprint canoe/kayak and outrigger (for adults).

Due to the congestion with other training activities on the reservoir at the North Glenmore Park location we limit the variety of paddling activities we offer. Weekday evenings and weekends are very busy with training therefore we do not offer any lesson programs during these times. Note that parking will be limited. We still encourage our recreation members and canoe rentals to come down and explore the reservoir. Check out the links below.

We do NOT offer:

  • Adult recreation courses for canoes and kayaks. There are a number of Calgary based companies and Clubs that do. We suggest to google what you are looking for to see what options are available.
  • Recreation kayak rentals to the public, kayaks are reserved for our members. Check the City of Calgary for canoe and kayak rentals at the South Glenmore Park location, link here

What we DO offer:

Recreation – we offer canoe rentals to the public. Check website for spring,  summer and fall hours and other information.

Recreation memberships – Recreational members please email us directly if you are new to paddling and are interested in a private lesson for a canoe or kayak into session, link here for more info

Youth summer daycamps – link here

Youth sprint canoe/kayak programs – link here

Adult competitive Outrigger programs – link here

School board lessons for canoe & kayak – Link here for details.

Group lessons – we are limited with availability (daytime only), link here for more information

Calgary Canoe Club's Vision Statement

Paddling is an active, fun, and safe sport we will encourage all members of our community to participate in.

We provide coached programs for paddlers to develop their skills and achieve success at all levels of participation and competition. We provide lessons and access to equipment for members of the community to experience paddling.

Our goal is to build a strong and supportive Club membership by:

                Creating a safe and fun environment.
                Promoting lifelong healthy active living.
                Supporting the development of youth specific programs.
                Supporting the variance of commitment to training at all respective levels.
                Striving for excellence in our organization, our people and our performance.

We value; Inclusion, collaboration, integrity, achievement, and excellence.