Collection: 2021 Divisional Championship Regatta

Travel Dates

August 6 ,Calgary Canoe Club at 8AM
August 7& 8
August 8 (After Final Race – ETA Calgary TBD)

Parents and paddlers are invited to ask questions and get more info - Wednesday 6pm, July 21 at the Canoe Club.

General Information

The Calgary Canoe Club will be attending its first away competition since 2019 and we are thrilled with our team of youth paddlers. For many this will be the first chance to experience a regatta. In Regina our athletes will join competitors from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and other Alberta clubs.

The Prairie Division Championships will have races for paddlers in the U12, U14, U16, U18 and Senior age categories. 

Aside from being our first regatta in a long time, and a great team building experience for our newest paddlers; the regatta serves as the qualification event for the Canadian Championships. Paddlers wishing to attend the Canadian Champs (Ottawa, August 24-29) must earn spots here.

Our Team Goal for the event is to win over-all participation and Team size (More people having more fun). This is not an official victory or recognition but it is our challenge. We look forward to your contribution and having a great time with us at the regatta. We depend on every CCC paddler to reach our goal. Please support your teammates and help fill all our crews.

Team Transportation

All athletes will meet at the Calgary Canoe Club at 7:30AM to pack for departure at 8:00AM. Transportation will be in a fully equipped 56 passenger bus. The Team Coach(s) and Manager will travel with the athletes. Parents are welcome to fill empty seats on the bus where available.  COME AND BE PART OF OUR CHEER SQUAD, Cheer squad bus seats have a fee of $50 round trip.

In the past some athletes travelled with their parents to the competition. The team fees are calculated with all athletes covering an equal share of the bus cost so even if not in the bus, this fee is included, paddlers, coaches and some equipment travel on the bus so we all share the cost.  If the bus is full, and additional transportation is needed, we may be able to make adjustments that do not increase the cost burden for those traveling on the bus.

Boat & Equipment Transportation:

Boat trailer loading will be Thursday August 5th, 12-4:00. Coaches will coordinate athletes to help load the boats on the trailer. All athletes are expected to assist in boat loading. Athletes will be informed of unloading times based on return time to Regina the next day (Monday). All athletes are expected to help unload the trailer back at the club.


Athletes will stay at the University of Regina. Rooms are dorm style with some kitchen facilities. Rooms contain single and bunk beds. We understand that some young athletes will travel with parents who may make alternate plans for accommodations and we are happy to support this. Please notify us in advance if this is the case by emailing


Bust Trip to Regina - Athletes are responsible to pack meals for the bus trip or purchase meals on route at a halfway stop.

Friday Supper - On arrival a meal will be organized at a local restaurant with athletes responsible for cost.

Sat-Sun Lunches - Friday evening the athletes will be taken to a grocery store to get lunch foods for Saturday and Sunday at the race site. Coaches and older athletes will be teamed with younger groups to help navigate the grocery store experience. Grocery shopping experience is valuable and one of the things we do to help grow life skills with the team.

Cafeteria Meals - Breakfast and supper will be at the university cafeteria (included in team fee); Saturday and Sunday breakfast, and Saturday dinner.

Bus Trip back to Calgary – At this time we are not sure what time the last race of the day will occur.  Based on departure time the team will either have a meal in Regina or on-route as they did on the trip to Regina. Athletes should have funds to cover a meal Sunday evening.

Note: We will make sure lots of water will be available on site if it is a hot day.

Athlete Supervision

The Team Coach(s) and Manager will have charge of the group while at the event. The coach(s) will travel with the athletes. All athletes are expected to behave in an appropriate manner and represent themselves and the Calgary Canoe Club responsibly and display the highest degree of sportsmanship.

Parents / Cheer Squad

If interested in joining the team in Regina, we are happy to have you along with the team. If attending, we may ask you to help support the coaches from time to time with odd tasks. Parents are responsible for booking their own accommodation or consulting with the Head Coach, for room bookings in the university. 

Your equipment

The Coaches will oversee the equipment loading but the athletes know better than most what is needed, and check to ensure what they need is loaded. Do not ASSUME that your equipment has been taken on the trailer.  Help the coaches and pack it.

Cost Breakdown

The fees have been based on a team of 40-60 athletes attending the event. Based on the size of the team the amount may fluctuate. The fees are structured based on an equal share pay model. 


PER PADDLER fee bases on number of paddlers.






Bus & Trailer Transport 

$ 147

$ 131

$ 118

$ 125

$ 115

Logistics staff & operational

$ 89

$ 63

$ 58

$ 55

$ 52

Meal Plan, rooming, entry Fee

$ 213

$ 213

$ 213

$ 213

$ 213


$ 449

$ 407

$ 389

$ 393

$ 380

For many, this is the first trip to the Divisional Championship Regatta, and possibly your first experience at a Canoe-Kayak Regatta.  We trust you will have a great time and are excited for the trip and the experience you will gain.

PFD, CCC Team Racing Shirt, Sun-screen, Hat & sunglasses, Rain Wear


LOOKING FORWARD to The Canadian Sprint Canoe Championships (August 24-29, Ottawa)

In 2021, only singles (K1 or C1) will be held at the Canadian Championships. Prior to entering any singles event in a U16 or above age category, talk to your coach regarding whether you plan on accepting an entry to Nationals. From the Prairie Division, 5 entries will be nominated for each event at the Canadian Championships. This is the same for other divisions across Canada (Pacific, Prairie, Western Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic).

A general information meeting for the National Championships - Tuesday, August 3rd, at 6pm for parents and athletes who might consider going to the National Championships. Logistics and fees will be reviewed so participants can make informed decisions and plans.

Accepting Nominations to the Canadian Championships: Following the Divisional Championships, we will need to accept or decline our nominations. Therefore, coaches will not have much time to discuss whether you are attending Nationals after the regatta. Please talk to your coach to ensure they are clear on your decision in advance or be ready once results are seen.

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