CKC Champs - 2022

At The Calgary Canoe Club
MONDAY, AUGUST 15 @7PM --> final details

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CCC 50/50 Draw to help us fundraise to bring costs down. Please share this link:

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      Other Details


      The Regatta:

      Each season, club teams from across the country converge on a single location to test their skills and stamina against the best the Country has to offer. In 2022, the event will be held in scenic Shawinigan, Quebec.

      Although the Canadian Championships is a U16 +  age event, often younger athletes earn qualifications. War Canoes and Crew boats in many cases contain younger paddlers and the crews serve as the athlete’s first exposure the prestigious event. We do have U14's entered in U16 crews trying to earn qualifications in both War Canoe and small boats.

      Racing Shirts: Posted August 15

      Make sure you have it, if you don't go here.

      Laundry: Posted August 16

      Buanderie St-Marc 843 Rue Frigon, Shawinigan, QC

      About a 25 min walk from Hotel. Open from 7am - 10pm

      Meals: Posted August 16

      $20 per day/per person food will be provided for with the help of Parents for lunch and dinner on competition days at the course. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday lunch, & Saturday (eat all leftovers).

      Friday Dinner - reservations for a team dinner at the restaurant attached to hotel (set menu provided). Will be added to final fees.

      Athletes will need to grocery shop for food for breakfast, Walmart Supercentre 25 min walk from Hotel.

      Accommodation at the Champs: Posted August 16

      Our team has reserved a block of rooms at the hotel energie near the race course. We have booked Fairfield Inn & Suites, Montreal Intl Airport on Saturday, August 27.

      $100 per night in Shawinigan

      $150 per athlete in Montreal.

      Travel to and from Champs: Posted August 16

      The team will have our 15 passenger van on-site and plan to arrange the shuttling from athletes from Montreal to Shawinigan. We have rented a minivan for Sunday to Wednesday and cancelled the bus to save on costs.

      56 Passenger bus will be available from Shawinigan to Montreal (Fairfield Inn & Suites)  on Saturday, August 27. Leaving hotel energie @ 8pm.


      The Calgary Canoe Club takes a 'TEAM' approach to fees and all paddlers share in common costs for the team to compete. examples of shared costs include: Boat Transportation to/from the regatta, cost to have coaches at the event, club entry fees. Athletes will be responsible to cover fees for flights, meals and hotel rooms. The greater the CCC team size, the lesser the athletes individual contribution to the shared components.  


      The club is working to facility fund-raising opportunities to help bring team costs down. Please come to the Thursday night info meeting with your best ideas and willingness to contribute. Fundraising can be done before the event and depending on the specific project we may be able to extent nationals fundraisers until the Year-end Banquet on October 21st.