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Fall Youth Info & Reminders

Fall-Paddling Pre-Start Info & Reminders

Autumn is a beautiful time for paddling on the reservoir. Fall training is an opportunity to build on the skills introduced in the summer months and prepare the foundation for the next season. 

The first session is mandatory for paddlers to take part in a welcome and orientation session. Coaches will meet the new Fall training squad and provide a description of how the program will operate and answer athlete questions. It is very important that paddlers and coaches take part in this so we all share the same understanding of expectations and procedures. Paddlers ‘may’ have time for a short paddle after the welcome meeting.

  • Wednesday is the first session for paddlers born in 2006 and earlier.
  • Thursday is the first session for paddlers born in 2007 and later.

  • The coaches know that as a strong character is built, on-water performance will follow. The CCC Sprint Team seeks to continue to develop a positive and supportive culture of mastery where paddlers and coaches continually seek improvement. We are thrilled to have a large number of our summer paddlers continue training into the Fall.  

    Skills and technical development will be the main training focus and rarely will a session pass without time spent on skills. Fall is also a great time to build training volume and the aerobic foundations of the next competitive season.

    The Calgary Canoe Club program follows a long-term athlete development model with practice sessions increasing each year, with age. The table below outlines the fall schedule for each age group. The age groups are in line with the 2021 competitive season.


    Additional protocols for mitigating risk due to covid-19 tends to slow things down as paddlers must space out and continue to disinfect equipment post practice. We have set aside 90min for each training session, however, we ask that parents set aside 2 hours between drop-off and pick-up. This provides time for pre and post training activities such as changing,  instructions and readying of equipment. Paddlers will all be ready for pick-up at 6:30pm next to the parking lot.

    Weather in the Fall can be unpredictable. If the temperature is 5 degrees, or below, and wet (rain, sleet, snow) there will be no practice (on water or dryland). If uncertain, please contact your coach. Cancellations may occur due to cold, electrical storms etc., we watch the weather and strive to give 24hrs notice.

    Training will be on-water and on-land, paddlers should be prepared at all times for both. As temperatures begin to cool, proper clothing to match the weather and a change of clothing in case of a tip is very important. Kayak paddlers should consider acquiring cockpit spray skirts and pogies (special paddle mitts). Canoe paddlers can dress for cool days as if they would for a run, no special paddle specific clothing is needed.  


    Contributing to our team culture:

    • Try your best – This is a key characteristic of an athletic mindset and sets a positive example for others. We all want to take pride in our efforts.
    • Support team mates - we will develop as athletes in a supportive team environment
    • Behave in a manner which shows respect to coaches and fellow athletes.
    • Coaches work hard to provide a safe and productive environment. Paddlers are to listen and respect instructions. 

    Arrival and Departure Times – For safety, and in respect for the coach and the training partners, times are to be adhered to.

    • Arrival Time – It is important to be on time. The coach plans activities based on paddlers scheduled arrival time. Paddlers arriving late may not be permitted to participate if the group has already started their respective practice 
    • Departure Time – Paddlers are not to leave the supervised training session early. Paddlers are to stay for the full duration of the session. Paddlers leaving the group create a safety risk and set a poor example for others. 
    • Personal Commitment – Coaches and training partners expect paddlers to attend.

    Where to meet – All paddlers will meet on the field next to the canoe club at 4:30pm.  Coaches will provide instructions and separate paddlers into training squads for the day.

    Bike Storage – Bike Racks are located near the parking lot. We recommend paddlers secure bikes with a good quality lock. No indoor storage is available.

    Washroom Access – The clubhouse remains closed and all activities will be outside. Summer washroom and hand sanitizing practices remain in effect. Paddlers will have the opportunity to access the washroom before and after training.

    Changing Area – Next to the cubbies on the lower deck, six change areas have been assembled to provide a private space for paddlers to change into and out of training clothes. To save time waiting in line, we encourage paddlers to arrive already wearing spandex shorts or other training wear.

    Personal Storage – Three sets of cubbies have been moved to the lower deck for paddlers to place extra clothing or other items while training. Please be aware, the cubbies are open to the public and the club is not responsible for lost items. No storage is provided inside the club or boat bays.

    Equipment Assignment – Coaches will assign paddler a boat and paddle for the Fall term. Paddlers can store the paddle and PFD in their assigned boat. Paddlers should have their own, properly fitted and certified PFD.


    Everyone MUST register for FALL 

    Discount code for all paddlers that have previously been paid the full-time program. Link here:


    Paddlers Fall Movie Night - September 18

    Enjoy a Team night out at the movies. Open to current CCC Sprint athletes. Link here:

    Winter 2020 Programs - Start date TBA

    We are in the midst of lining up the programming for winter and this will get emailed out soon and posted on the website.