Fundraising @ the CCC (Skip the Depot)

We have 2 amazing fundraising opportunities with Skip The Depot in Calgary.

This fundraiser is targeted towards helping our Sprint team athletes with money raised towards going to away regattas. 

Our FIRST opportunity with Skip the Depot is your friends/family/neighbours can use an app to schedule a bottle pick up ANYTIME THEY HAVE AT LEAST 1 LARGE GARBAGE BAG/ 150+ BOTTLES FOR PICK UP. At no cost to them, the bottles will be picked up, and the Canoe Club will earn 70% profit. This is a completely passive fundraiser for us, as no direct effort aside from spreading the word is required from our members.

HOW: Share our referral link EVERYWHERE YOU CAN!
We also plan to drop off door hangers in communities at the same time as we are doing bottle drives. For this reason we plan to move around with our bottle drives so over time more and more people become aware of this cool service, and help support out club.

Our SECOND opportunity with Skip the Depot is we plan to do a few scheduled team bottle drives in various communities near the Canoe Club to raise our community profile.

HOW: To participate you must bring at least 2 full garbage bags of collected bottles on the bottle drive day, and stay to collect bottles in the chosen neighbourhood for 2 hours.
We are partnering with a depot that will send a truck out and count all our donations for us- so we can skip the depot ourselves!

PROFIT: A large committed group can raise $1500-$3000. Funds will be divided across the participants only of each bottle drive.

WHEN: SAVE THE DATE!! We hope to have our first bottle drive Saturday, January 14th, and will plan ahead the next
one as soon as possible.

Furthermore: 70% for passive fundraising sounds fantastic to us. After we complete a number of tasks with the organization, we may be approved to earn a higher percentage, and appear on their featured fundraiser list which can get us even more supporters. Exciting! Remember, raising money for the club helps keep our individual costs down, and keep the club functioning as a top training club.


Any questions please contact our Fundraising Team at