15 years old + (Intro 2 Sprint)

New paddlers older than 15+, first week of camp will be an introduction to the basics of our racing canoe & kayaks, during the second week of camp they will be integrated with their age category, U14 would be the category that they would be joining in with on the second week of camps.

The typical Monday to Friday time table for summer months:

What is next?
After the 2-week Intro 2 Sprint your paddler can join the Sprint Team by following the prompts for 'Returning' Paddlers. Yes, fees are prorated for the remainder of the summer season (til August 25th) based on your start date. You will see the fee once you select your start date on registration page. You require a Club membership once you join the Sprint Team. 

Sessions for 15+ are held in two - 90min blocks before 9am or after 4:30pm (see table above). 

Any questions please email sprint@calgarycanoeclub.com.