AB Team Trials #1 , Leduc, AB


Key Dates:
Registration on ASRCA : Mon, May 20 (late fee May 21)

Registration with CCC: May 23 (late fee May 24)

Trailer loading Date/Time : Saturday, May 26 @ 10:30am
Van and Equipment Depart: - Sunday, May 26 @ 5:30am
Competition: - May 26 @ Telford Lake

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    1. Register with ASRCA
    2. CCC Portion of fees, pay here.

    Boat Loading
    The Boat Trailer will be loaded Date/Time TBC. Please attend and make sure all your needed equipment is loaded.

    The expectation is that athletes will arrange for transportation to and from the event. We encourage athletes to carpool to the event as a 2nd option. However, if this is not possible we can provide a small number of seats in the Club Van. We do not want anyone to miss the opportunity to compete, if transportation is a problem, please speak with your coach.

    Cost Breakdown
    The CCC fees have been based on a team of 20+ Calgary Canoe Club athletes attending the event. The fees include the shared costs for boat transportation and coaching costs to Leduc, AB

    We know events are costly, CHECK OUT THE CCC FUNDRAISING PAGE