Are you ready for Intro 2 Sprint (I2S)?

The I2S program is geared towards new paddlers aged 10 and up. All participants are grouped together for activities during the 2-week sessions. Paddlers will be introduced to all facets of paddling, with an emphasis on sprint racing canoes and kayaks. Paddlers start in the beginner style racing boats which are more stable to develop the basic skills. Paddlers will learn the basics of Canoe and Kayak: singles, doubles, fours and even the 15+ person War Canoe and Dragon Boats. We hope the I2S program is a positive experience for all as we work together through the challenges, and FUN, of learning new skills (physical, technical and mental).

Note: if you are a returning paddler and choose 12S over joining the Sprint program you will be repeating the same skills from previous sessions you participated in. If there is an option to integrate returning paddlers with the sprint kids for some sessions, we may offer that option. Otherwise, the expectation is for paddlers to participate with the new paddlers and be patient as we develop skills with new paddlers.

Sprint boats are less stable and hence paddlers may tip out of their boats when first introduced. Even though all paddlers must wear a PFD at all times it is still important that participants are comfortable being in the water. Water safety, learning to tip, turn, tow a boat and self rescue are all components of the program that we will cover off. Strength is a factor, kids need to be able to paddle solo kayaks (in calm and windier conditions).

What you can expect from us:

- Coaches understand that paddling may be a new skill for many of the participants. The speed at which they develop the skills and gain confidence will vary greatly between all participants. The coaches will do their best to work with individual paddlers at their development pace.

- Coaches may have to adapt some activities due to the weather as this affects safety. Coaches are open to feedback from the paddlers on favourite activities, working together as team.

- We encourage parents to reach out to coach leaders, or management, with any issues. We’ll do our best to communicate and try to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Coaches expect participants will:

- Listen and follow directions from coaches at all times, this is key for safety and efficient programming.

- Participate in all activities (dry land games, single boats, team boats). If you are not willing to participate, we will ask parents to come to the Club to pick up their child. This is necessary so that we can maintain a safe coach: participant ratio during the activities.

- Be responsible for carrying boats from the building to the water and back for all sessions as required (this can be the most challenging part of the day for some paddlers). Coaches will assist and all paddlers are expected to help out with this task, we will work in teams.

- Work as a team to put all equipment away and clean up after snacks and lunch to keep the canoe club and meet up areas clean.

If there are any issues with behaviour, parents will be contacted the same day and ideally we can come to agreement on how to adapt and/or find solutions. And vice versa if your child has any concerns with the coaches and programming please do not hesitate to contact us and we will plan to set up a time to meet as soon as possible.

Happy Paddling