CKC National Entries

  • Number of Entries - Each Division shall be entitled to a maximum of four (4) entries in each 200m, 500m and 1000m event and a maximum of five (5) entries in the 6000m event at the Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships. Entries in the Senior, Master and Open Events are EXCEPTIONS to this rule and shall be handled on a direct entry basis at the discretion of the Division. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, see “U18 Singles Entry Process” below for additional information.
  • Random Entries - Any entry(ies), from the four (4) per Division, which are not filled by the Division itself shall be put into a random draw selection process available to all other Divisions who wish for additional entry(ies) beyond the initial four (4) to which they are entitled. 

    Where entries for an event do not fill up three (3) complete heats, Divisions may submit additional entries beyond the initial four (4) to which they are entitled. Divisions shall rank their additional entries (i.e. 5th, 6th, 7th, etc.)

    A random selection process of 5th ranked entries shall take place until the remaining heat lanes are filled. If still unfilled, the random draw will continue with 6th ranked entries, then 7th ranked entries, etc. until all heat lanes are filled.

    Where the addition of a Division's 5th, 6th, etc. ranked entries cause(s) a conflict with regard to the 8-race rule, changes will be given to the Flag Officer of the Division. The Flag Officer shall present any and all changes received to the Domestic Development Committee meeting which immediately precedes the Championships.

  • Not withstanding any of the foregoing, any selected random draw entry will always be a valid entry and cannot be forfeited U18 Singles Entry Process

    The three (3) additional entries permitted in the U18 singles events (beyond the 4 entries per Division) will be allocated to the Divisions whose athletes achieve t finishes at National Team Trials in Junior singles events, corresponding to the discipline and distance of the race. If such a race does not exist at Trials, then the Random Entries will be determined as above in 5.06 ii.