FAQ'S about the sprint program

Frequently Asked:

  1. Training Times:
    Practice Start and End times are available on the schedule (link above). Athletes should arrive and depart on time to ensure for smooth operations and appropriate supervision. For late pickups, please inform the coach. Athletes are not to be left alone at the club. Depending on the age of the athlete we will find solutions to help you out if athletes are getting picked up later. During the season we have boat bay staff on.
  2. Club Usage Outside Training:
    Athletes are permitted in the club for scheduled training under the supervision of a coach. Any access and training outside of scheduled times MUST be approved by your coach and will be age dependent.
  3. Dealing with Injuries:
    Minor injuries can be part of training. Contact your coach immediately if you experience an injury during training. Coaches can assist in identifying the severity of the injury, and suggest modifications to your training routine. We recommend all athletes have access to expert medical personnel for proper assessment. We can offer suggestions if needed. Coaches will work with your medical expert on a 'return to play' plan of action. 
  4. Running after Dark:
    With winter sunsets, athletes must carry headlamps and are told not to run alone. Coaches organize runs with specific durations to get everyone back simultaneously.
  5. Attendance Expectations:
    While consistent participation is encouraged, communication of scheduling conflicts is vital for maintaining a strong team dynamic. This works both ways. Coaches will assume athletes intend to be at all scheduled training. Please notify your coach if you are unable to attend practice. This is vital in the on water season as crew boats are often scheduled by coaches.
  6. Additional Training and Training Groups:
    Coaches follow a structured approach to training, emphasizing gradual step-by-step progression. Early specialization is not required in our sport. If parents and athletes have concerns about their respective training groups please reach out to your coach for a discussion.
  7. External Trainer Requirements:
    The expert CCC coaches can cater to all aspects of athletes' progress. Please communicate any concerns to your coach.
  8. Communication:
    Coaches aim to respond within 24 hours (48 hours over a weekend or day off). For urgent matters, don't hesitate to get in touch with the head coach.
  9. WhatsApp Chat:
    The team's WhatsApp chat allows athletes to communicate with peers and coaches about the training activities. Any schedule or program changes are communicated directly to parents via email or newsletter. Parents are not missing important info by not being part of the chat.
  10. Newsletter Subscriptions:
    To receive the CCC newsletter, subscribe at the bottom of the CCC web page. For any subscription issues, contact admin@calgarycanoeclub.com.
  11. Personalized Training Plans:
    Coaches tailor training programs for each group's age and discipline. Individual adjustments are made when necessary, so athletes' unique requirements are met. However, please recognize that we are not set up as a one on one private coaching team.
  12. Event Participation Costs:
    Detailed event information, including fees, is available on the CCC home page. Coaches can guide athletes in selecting appropriate events for their development.
  13. Team Building Meals:
    Monthly team meals are organized during winter, promoting camaraderie among athletes of different ages and fostering a supportive team environment. The meal planning and preparation practice can also be very helpful for suture spring camps.
  14. Personal Equipment:
    The club provides a good range of boats for younger athletes. Athletes often acquire personal equipment as they get older. Speak to your coach for equipment advice regarding paddles and/or a boat.
  15. How Can I Help?
    The CCC has many ways our members can contribute to the success and growth of the team. The team regularly needs the support of volunteers to host events and take on various committee roles. You can help build our fundraising committee or lend a hand setting up for one of our regattas. You may have a background in PR and can share ideas to promote our great club. Maybe bringing people together is your skill and can help organize social events for our members. Perhaps you want to help but don't know how to contribute, if any of these sound like you, feel free to reach out to our Sprint Program Director at sprintdirector@calgarycanoeclub.com.