Florida 2024

Note: updates are in progress....

Always FIRST SPEAK WITH YOUR COACH before applying to the camp, they will be asked to endorse your application.

On-line Registration, set for Nov 6, is delayed. Complete the ‘Intent to Attend’ Form (below) and you will be contacted. 

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  • Mike Robinson - Head Coach (mike@calgarycanoeclub.com)
  • Ornmadee Baxter-Lovo - Coach (ornmadee@calgarycanoeclub.com)
  • Graham Schiebel - Coach (graham@calgarycanoeclub.com)

Once registered, paddlers and parents will receive updates on the camp whatsapp chat. Please ensure you add yourself to the link on the protected section of this site (see link above). Updates may go out by email, when completing the form, please use your best email to receive updates.

Cancellation Policy:
Camp costs are shared by all participants, and once registered for the camp participant refunds ‘may’ not be possible, if doing so impacts the ability to cover overall camp costs. After completion of the camp, if funds remain, full or partial refunds will be assessed for individuals (on a case-by-case basis).