How to be Involved

Whatever your talents, there is a place for you at the Calgary Canoe Club. Here are just a few of the other ways you can become involved:

Come to meetings! Throughout the year we have parent meetings. In addition to the regular newsletters, in person meetings are the best way for you to feel “in the know” about upcoming events, the training your child is receiving as well as finding out about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Chaperones: There are many away regattas or training camps where chaperones are needed. Skills needed are cooking, eyes in the back of your head, duct tape and emergency repair skills. We will provide further information on our safe sport guidelines to chaperones assisting with away regattas.

Fundraising: Past events have included Meat sales, bottle drives, wine raffle, 50/50 raffle, etc. anything to raise funds for the program and individual athletes accounts, which can be used for fees, travel or equipment. Athlete participation is mandatory to receive funds in your individual account.

The Calgary Canoe Club's Casino generates the largest fundraising revenue earner. We are eligible to work a casino every 18months. Volunteers are needed to cover the shifts over a 2 day period. The gaming funds raised go to Gaming approved expenses such as new equipment, coach wages, and building operations costs.

Boat Repairs: Boat repairs are an ongoing task of busy paddle Clubs. If you have skillset for repairs reach out and let us know.

A Board of Directors runs the Calgary Canoe Club, with annual elections at an Annual General Meeting usually in April. The positions are open to the general membership.

The Alberta Sprint Racing Canoe Association (ASRCA) is the provincial body that overseas provincial events, funding and carding for the athletes and clubs in Alberta. They also have yearly elections and the positions are open to the members of the member clubs in Alberta. The ASRCA also has a Casino and always needs volunteers to help out. Head to the ASRCA website.

Social events are a great way to get athletes, coaches and parents together to have some fun and socialize. In the past we have held a fun casino to ring members together. If you have any great ideas you would like to help organize please reach out. 

Home regattas are especially busy and many volunteers are required to help with organization and duties, including the race officials to successfully run the competition, click here to go to the Events page.  Training is provided for all positions.

To Volunteer you will need to start the Volunteer Screening Process, please go here to start.