Safe Sport Training - Board members & Volunteers

Here is the link to the safe sport adoption, the training and screening requirements start a little bit down the page.
STEP 1: Take either trainings:
CAC Safe Sport Training can be found here.  OR
Respect in Sport Activity Leaders Training can be found here.
You will have to register for an account if you haven't already.
When registering your account please choose 'other' and write in 'Calgary Canoe Club'. See Screenshot below to help you.
STEP 2: Will be be our vulnerable sector checks/police screenings.
Get your EPIC or you can do it in the RAMP system.Costs $25.
STEP 3: Register with CKC through the RAMP system
Please go HERE to log in to CCC Ramp registration.
1. Click on 'Don't have an account click here'
2. Create account
3. Once you've created your account, please choose 1 selection out of the 4 options for "Registering"
4. Board members choose - "Executive",
5. Register yourself
6. Once this is completed. I will receive an email getting the confirmation email that you have done this as well as yourself.
7. Not done yet...sorry
8. Please go under "My Registrations"
9. Click in green "Permits".
10. Go under "Manage" for each permit and follow instructions for each.
11. If you are an executive member under Level 2 and 3 please go to "ADD response not manage".
12. If you have submitted everything it should look like this, under pending it says "submitted".