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  • All athletes are to meet coaches in the field before moving to the clubhouse area.
  • When moving to the clubhouse, all are to immediately go to a sanitization station and clean hands before touching anything.
  • If you can not maintain a 2-3m distance, masks must be worn.
  • At this time, all training is conducted outside. Access to change rooms is not possible. Come in the proper sporting dress.
  • Access to the washroom is limited. Masking and sanitization are required to access the washroom.
  • Coaches will enforce physical distancing, be aware of others around you and maintain distance. Coaches will subdivide groups when needed.
  • Outdoor change space is now available on the upper deck along with 'cubbies' to store bags and personal items. The storage space is not guarded, so we strongly suggested not to bring valuables.
  • Boats, paddles, and PFD will be assigned for May. Paddle and PFD are to be stored in your boat.



As we near the 2021 Summer season, we hope to attend some events. However, in the current environment events may be changed or cancelled. Click here for an outline showing what a 'TYPICAL' Season 'may' look like.  

We understand everyone is in a unique situation so let's do what we can do and not stress about what we can not do.

Strength/Conditioning Sessions:

As paddlers age, coaches take a progressive long term approach to prepare, introduce and build healthy performance based abilities starting with general range of motion & movement pattering leading to hypertrophy, strength, power and power endurance.

Strength programs are posted in the gym and communicated directly to paddlers on a weekly basis. Contact coaches for more info.

U14 Conditioning Sessions: Click here.

Individualized Strength Plans: In some cases paddlers have been assigned individualized training plans to meet specific objectives/needs. If you are one of these people, click your name below.

Men's Strength Plan (click here), Women Strength click below.





Monthly KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

Monitoring Sheet: 15+


Coach Contacts:

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Women's Canoe & Head Coach

Men's Kayak Lead

Men's Canoe Lead

Women's Kayak Lead


Mike Robinson

Graham Schiebel

Robin Kendall

Ornmadee Baxter-Lovo