Calgary Canoe Club Building is Closed


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As we near the 2021 Spring and Summer season, we plan to attend events and camps. However, in the current environment events may be changed or cancelled. Click here for an outline showing what a 'TYPICAL' Season 'MAY' look like.  

January 2021: The Clubhouse is now CLOSED. Inside activities are now cancelled. This includes Strength Training and Ergometer instruction. Coaches continue to be available to support athletes for strength and other aspects of training, but athletes will be on their own for facilities and equipment. We understand everyone is in a unique situation so let's do what we can do and not get stressed about what we can not.

WHAT WE CAN DO - Notice the shaded space in the image above. The coaches have been preparing for this situation for some time and have a strategy to have the paddlers progress and thrive.  

First: Yoga each Wednesday is still on with Emily over Zoom.  

One big part of training we can do very well is to build our fitness and endurance (heart and lungs). Although the team has made fantastic progress in our running so far, we are not where we need to be,'yet'. This is the opportunity to put this training element in out sights and attack it full on.

We will do what we can to maintain strength individually, but UP OUR FITNESS GAME with running. When we reach our first competition in 2021, "fitness will not be the factor that limits our performance".

Note: Where snow conditions allow, replace OYO runs workouts with time on the sticks. 

Yoga Zoom: Wednesdays 5-6PM

  • Contact coach for the link or ask other team members for the link.  It has been shared to participants on WhatsApp.  

Older Information Below:

2021 Competitive age grouping: Age as of January 1, 2021

 U12 U14 U16 U18+

Sunday Swims: University of Calgary 6:30-8:00PM

SWIMS have been CANCELED until further notice. 

Join the team for Saturday morning Run and Wednesday Yoga.

Join the team for Wednesday Yoga.
Join the team for Wednesday Yoga.


Strength/Conditioning Sessions:

As paddlers age, coaches take a progressive long term approach to prepare, introduce and build healthy performance based abilities starting with general range of motion & movement partnering leading to hypertrophy, strength, power and power endurance.

Strength programs are posted in the gym and communicated directly to paddlers on a weekly basis. Contact coaches for more info.

U14 Conditioning Sessions: Click here.

Individualized Strength Plans: In some cases paddlers have been assigned individualized training plans to meet specific objectives/needs. If you are one of these people, click your name below.




Monthly KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

Monitoring Sheet: 15+


U16 & U18 Run Sessions 

(details may change)

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