Staff Resources

Coach Links: 

Required by Staff:

  • Coaching Staff Must register with RAMP for the season. You will need your NCCP# and EPIC/ VSS ready. Go HERE to display what's needed. 
  • MUST have 
  1. Create a coach account at
  2. Safe sport Training must be completed
PART 2 - Police Check
  1. Get your EPIC, you can do this in the RAMP system. Costs $25.
    (You may need to go in person to a police station).
PART 3 - RAMP Registration (CKC)
  1. Go HERE to log in to the CCC Ramp registration.
  2. Click on 'Don't have an account'.
  3. Create account
  4. Once you've created your account, choose 1st selection out of the four options "Registering."
  5. Staff members choose - "Staff"
  6. Register yourself
  7. Once this is completed. You will receive a confirmation email.
  8. Under "My Registrations" Click on "Permits" (green)
  9. Click "Manage" and for each permit follow the instructions.
  10. If you are an executive member, under Levels 2 and 3, go to "ADD response not manage".
  11. If you submitted everything; under 'pending' it will show as "submitted".
  12. If you need help contact Kirsten.