Ted Houk 2024


Key Dates:
Event discussion - Sat, Feb 24 - 9:15 am at CCC Coffee Talk
Registration Opens (Deposit) - Mon, March 1
Team Meeting - Sat, May 11 - 9:15 am
Registration Closes - Mon, May 20 (late fee till May 24)
Trailer Loading Wed Jun 5, 4:30pm
Van and Equipment Depart: - Thu, Jun 6
Athletes Arrive in Seattle: - Fri, Jun 7
Competition: - Sat/Sun, June 8–9
Team Departs Seattle: - Sun, Jun 9 (night flights)** Some may remain to sightsee

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About the Event:
The Ted Houk Regatta, organized by the Seattle Canoe Club, marks the beginning of our competitive season. After a month of training in Calgary throughout May, our paddlers are ready to showcase their skills in this regatta. Athletes from the Calgary Canoe Club will join competitors from Western Canada and the USA for this two-day event. For more details on the competition format and past events, please visit
here. https://seattlecanoekayak.club/index.php?id=ted-houk-regatta


Coaches will enter a full slate of racers and get our athletes on the water as much as possible. See pdf (CLICK HERE)  to see the list of races from 2023. USA age class note: U14 =Bantam, U16=Juvenile, U18=Junior.

The Team will consist of current CCC paddlers who are actively participating in the sprint program. Team size may be constrained based on hotel or other logistical considerations so please register early. U12 age class athletes may attend if accompanied by parents.

Team Staff (TBD)
Trailer Drivers, Male & Female coaches, Team Leader, Parent Assistants.
A CCC Team leader will take charge of the team. We have received feedback from parents who want to attend and help manage/support the team, interested parents can indicate so when registering your athletes. Parent volunteers will require a police check and vulnerable sectors check (CLICK HERE).

Representing CCC
All athletes are expected to behave appropriately and represent themselves and the Calgary Canoe Club responsibly and display the highest degree of sportsmanship. CCC is committed to CanoeKayak Canada

Code of Conduct & Safety guidelines. Note: CKC PFD rules apply for our paddlers even when in USA competitions – U16 competition age class must wear a government regulation PFD.

Boat Loading
The Boat Trailer will be loaded Wednesday, June 5th, at 4:30 pm. We expect the boat loading process to take 2 hours. Last season some of our team arrived without ensuring correctly sized paddles were in the trailer. Please attend and make sure all your needed equipment is loaded.

Crossing International Borders - Ensure you have all the appropriate documents for travelling to the US (above in 'important links').
Coaches and athletes are expected to fly directly to and from Seattle. We hope athletes will fly as a group or in groups. Depending on the parents attending, we may have adults on certain flights who can serve as flight Chaperones. Below is a list of good flight options. Athletes will be met at the airport and provide
transportation to and from the Hotel. We are evaluating options to shuttle the team from the airport to the hotel by train (see route here), or with team vans.

Calgary -> Seattle (Prices as of Feb 7) 

Seattle -> Calgary

Staying in Seattle longer
As was the case last year, we understand some parents and athletes will choose to stay in the Seattle area for additional days to sightsee. CCC staff and equipment will depart for home on Sunday evening.
Additional stays will be the responsibility of the families to organize.

Between Hotel and Competition site
We will have the 15-passenger team van for transportation between the airport, hotel and the competition site at Green Lake. Parents on-site with their own vehicles may help with shuttling athletes. In your event registration form, you will be asked if you give permission for your athlete to travel with a parent or not.

Our team has secured rooms at the Nexus Hotel for Friday and Saturday night. We have set aside 30 rooms (20 double rooms for athletes and 3 for staff and 7 for parents).

Meals in Seattle
We take great pride in fostering the ability for our team to practice grocery shopping and food prep.
However, this is a packed event and with limited ability to prepare food in the hotel. We will provide lunches on site and the hotel has breakfast included. Meals while travelling will be the athlete's responsibility. The Team will organize a big gathering Saturday night (not included in event pricing).

Expected Meal breakdown is as follows:
● Friday evening when landed in Seattle to a local restaurant
● Saturday & Sunday Morning - Hotel Breakfast Provided
● Saturday/Sunday Lunch - CCC organized meal on-site
● Saturday Evening - Team Meal at Restaurant
● Sunday Evening - Groups eat on route to or at the airport

Cost Breakdown
The fees have been based on a team of 20 Calgary Canoe Club athletes attending the event. We certainly would like it if more of you would be with us at the competition, but this is a safe number to base our budget on. The fees are structured based on an equal share user pay model.

We know events are costly, CHECK OUT THE CCC FUNDRAISING PAGE
 Final fee will be sent out once registration closes.