Volunteers for Calgary Regatta

1)   Officials / Volunteer Roster:

Please find attached the Officials and volunteer roster for Saturday. Check which positions you’re assigned to and please let us know if you have any questions by replying to this email

2)   Meeting time Saturday morning 8:00am, officials meeting at 8:30am.

Race start is 9:00am on Saturday. We will have our greeter, our Sprint Director showing everyone where to go the morning of.

3)   Event and Race Schedule information: 

The race schedule can also be found HERE

Paper copies of the race draw and schedule will be made available to all on-water officials, boat control and the finish tower.

4)   Clothing:

Please bring enough layers to stay cool, keep warm, and stay dry, as we all know how unpredictable Calgary weather can be. This applies especially to all officials on the water and the finish tower officials.  If you are in a boat and have your own PFD, please bring it.  Otherwise, the club will lend PFD’s to any on-water official.  PFD’s must be worn on the water at all times as per the reservoir bylaws.  **Ideally officials wear white shirts, but I understand that not everyone has a white jacket or sweater if you have to layer up.

5)   Binoculars:

If you have (good) binoculars, please bring them.  Especially the on-water referees and safety boat assistants will find them useful as well as the finish line judges who have to read the deck numbers on the boats crossing the finish line.

6)   Tower Officials:

If you are an official in the finish tower (timer or finish line judge), you might want to bring a seat cushion since the stairs can be pretty hard to sit on all day. (We have seat cushions as well and they will be brought to the tower).

7)   Lunch (Parent Mingle):

BYOD (Bring Your Own Dish that will feed 6-8 people), Water, tea and coffee will be provided in the hall.  If you’re on a boat, bring a travel mug for hot/cold beverages.

8) OLDER athletes/coaches: TBD

There will be a Burger BBQ for $5 offered for lunch. TBD

Any questions please email sprint@calgarycanoeclub.com