Youth: New Paddlers

There is no better place to spend the summer than on the water! More info below as well as a video of the camps:

Join the Calgary Canoe Club and have a blast with our expert instructors and friendly paddlers. Explore the many social, recreational and competitive aspects of our youth paddling program. Starting at age 9, new paddlers can join one of our two-week sessions (age determined on January 1st).

Note: If aged 10+ and have previously taken one of our Learn to Paddle or Intro 2 Sprint sessions, you should register as a returning paddler - Click here.

Age: 9-U12 as of Jan 1st (12 and under)


Week 1 -  Paddlers will learn our recreation canoes & kayaks, Outrigger and dragon boat
Week 2 -  Paddlers will learn the Olympic Sprint Racing boats (Singles, Doubles, Fours & War Canoe).

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Age: U14+ as of Jan 1st (13yr and up) OR Ages U12 (as of Jan 1) and have completed the L2P program

Paddlers go beyond the basics in our sprint racing canoes and kayaks. After two weeks, paddlers take part in our club fun regatta. Paddlers will then be ready to join the racing team.

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The Team values personal growth and we understand that not all paddlers dream to stand on the Olympic Podium. We strive to create a friendly supportive environment where all can thrive. Our team of certified coaches work to develop a love of paddling and a sporting lifestyle. Paddlers gain fitness and technical skills in racing canoe and kayaks (singles, doubles, fours and the 15 person War Canoe). Paddlers will prepare to take part in their first Fun Regatta at the end of the program and have all they need to continue in the sport. 


    • Staff oversee all training sessions and lunch break time
    • Paddlers will be instructed on what to do when they tip the boat, how to right the boat and get back in from shore.
    • The CCC has a safety boat that is shared amongst its various programs and the City’s boat patrol is a great resource keeping an eye on our paddlers and forewarning us to get off the water if they feel unsafe water conditions are in the forecast.
    • Paddlers are instructed to bring a full change of clothing, new paddlers will frequently tip as they learn to balance the racing boats.